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One Spirit was started in 2010 by owner Kelly Hassan (Meira).


She wanted to provide a beautiful, sacred space for women of all walks of life to come and feel safe, secure, and supported.

With the help and collaboration of an amazing community of women, One Spirit has taken off in the sleepy town of Pinckney, Michigan.


As the name says, “One Spirit” to us means that we are all connected. We bond, support and love together that it unites all our beings into One.


All women are “goddesses.” They have the power to change, transform and embrace with love and light.

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About Us
Our Mission

To serve as an instrument of light and love for women, our community and our world:


— Women —

To provide a safe space for women to discover and experience her divine greatness, connect with other like-minded women and participate in the joy of learning and expression of dance!


— Community —

To collectively serve as a loving sisterhood to each other and the dance community, as well as inspire joy in our communities through sharing our dance and shining our lights!


— World —

To serve as a beacon of Light and Love!

One Spirit has been featured in the Livingston Press & Argus, Lifestyle Moms (January 2012)


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