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Kelly Hassan

Owner of One Spirit Dance & Fitness, LLC. Nationally Certified Yoga Instructor, Belly Dance Instructor & Performer, Certified in Reiki I & II & Master Level Reiki


Meira is my dance name (pronounced “Meh-ee-rah” which means, “to share one’s light with others”) has been teaching Belly Dance since 2006.  

Kelly is currently studying via "Zoom" lessons, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance with Rose Harden of San Francisco specializes in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and is the Owner of Rosehips Designs.  Also Kelly studies (In Studio) Props with Becky Hanchin. Becky specializes in props such as sword, veil, voi, poi and many more...

Kelly has been studying Tribal Fusion belly dance & yoga since 2000. Teaching Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and Yoga which includes Kundalini, Yin and Hatha Yoga since 2007. Reiki practitioner since 2008.

She has studied with Mylita of Mystic Lotus Center, Crystal Dunlap of Unveiled Studio and Leilani "Heather Manasco" and Becky Hanchin.  She's taken many workshops with Rose Harden and Aegela, as well as various workshops with various talented performers and teachers from all over the United States.  


Kelly is passionate about belly dancing and her belly dance sisters and community and looks forward to sharing the dance with others!


Workshops Taught:

2009 Shimmy Tecumseh for Amira Star, 2010 Drills Workshop for Aegela


Workshops Taken With:

· Rose Harden 2010- 2010 · Becky Hanchin  · Kami Liddle · Zoe Jakes · Michelle Sorenson · Kamrah · Mardi Love · Zafira · Artemis · Blue Lotus · Krisztina of Czygany · Aida of San Francisco · Elysia of Carnival Mijnoon · Kelly Holder, Rose Harden, Kendra Ray, Michelle Sorenson · Aegela 2010 - 2015 · Suhaila Salimpour Intensive 2011

· Intensive Teacher Training & Intensive Private Lessons with Mylitta Benjamin, Crystal Dunlap & Studying with Leilani "Heather Manasco" 2011 to 2016, Numerous workshops to date. Currently studying with Rose Harden of San Francisco via Zoom Lessons, Becky Hanchin, One Spirit Dance Company's Props & Fire Director.

Class Descriptions

Belly Dance Level I  Wed. 7:05 pm and Thursday 6:00 pm


This class will cover basic belly dance techniques & drills that help you understand the movements that create the base for many styles of belly dance - technique through isolations and muscular training. You will learn proper posture & be introduced to the different facets of belly dance. (Opportunity to join the student troupe)

Belly Dance Student Troupe  Wed. 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Once you have your solid level I foundation, you may be invited to student troupe class. This is a guided intro to choreography class where you will utilize your skills and isolations from level I drill class. You will have performance opportunities at selected promotional events such as Pinckney Art In The Park, Belly Flea Agora, and student haflas.


Belly Dance Level II/III  Thursdays 7:05 pm to 8:05 pm

This class will cover Level II drills and add layers to your isolations, movement will be traveling. You will be taught combinations taking basic movement and combining upper and lower body isolations. You will start to learn choreography combinations. (Opportunity to join the Intermediate Troupe)


Belly Dance Professional Troupe Choreo  Tuesday. 7:00 pm to 8:00pm

This class focuses on harder Level III technique & drills, advance your dance with Level II/III techniques and choreography combinations that easily translate to completing choreography pieces. Invitation Only. Many Performance Opportunities.


Chakra Balancing Fusion Yoga   Wed. 8:10pm to 9:10pm

Bring balance to your life with a fusion of Kundalini, Hatha & Yin Yoga's. Increase your flexibility through gentle movement, learn to meditate through simple breath techniques, relax and relieve stress.  Chakra balancing too. Men & Women Welcome!

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