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Belly Dance From The Heart


When I enter a room to dance with other beautiful women, I get butterflies in my stomach and a joy in my heart because I know I’m going to be with many women of all shapes and sizes with smiling faces, open hearts and a shared love of the dance.


I’ve been dancing for many years and I still get excited about each and every class I teach or take. I love how through a projection from the heart, that comes out through the hands sending loving energy that is felt by the performance of the dance that truly touches an audience. I am privileged to be able to share this dance with my community.


I’ve met many exciting and wonderful women and teachers, all with a story to tell. Even though the art is lot of practice and sometimes a few aches and pains, it is also very meditative, uplifting and is a shared camaraderie of what it is to be with other women that share their energy around the circle of dance. I’ve made a lot of very close friends; more than I’ve ever had in my entire life and have very deep and fulfilling relationships with the women I interact with.


The dance touches us at the deepest part of our soul and the love and happiness I feel when I’m partnering with other dancers is really what it’s all about.


I hope that through my dance, I project out into the world a sense of the Love, Joy and Peace I feel when the music starts to play...


Love, Hugs & Shimmies, Kelly!


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