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How much are drop-in classes?​

$12.00 per class, any time! High School students $7.00! College students receive discounts! 

6-week sessions $60. 


What methods of payment are accepted?​

Cash, Check, and Credit/Debit Card.  Paypal available for workshop payments.


What attire should I wear for belly dance class?​

Comfortable, non-baggy yoga pants and a tank top or fitted t-shirt. Ballet slippers or bare feet, and hip shawl/coin belts.


What attire should I wear for yoga class?​

Yoga pants or shorts, and T-Shirts, Tank Tops, or Bra Tops.


Can I record or take photos during class?

In some cases it may be permitted, but please always ask the instructor before recording or photographing during class.

How do I get into troupe?

Once you've been taking belly dance drills with us consistently and decide that you'd like to perform, we will do our best to get you there asap! There is no universal timeline of how long it takes to learn belly dance, the process is very individual. With that being said, if we know your goal is to get into troupe we will assess your technique, come up with a plan, and work with you. Once you are ready, we will meet to discuss troupe guidelines. 


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