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Lindsay Lavich 

Studio Assistant





Studio Assistant Teacher and Choreographer Lindsay


Lindsay has been our Studio Assistant/Instructor for the last 4 years. She is Assistant to Kelly Hassan, Debra McGaffey & Becky Hanchin. Assisting Level I classes and being a leader in our Intermediate, Props and Student Troupes, she has helped many students to improve technique by drilling sharp and fluid movement. She also leads drills for our more advanced level I students so the instructor can focus on newer students. Lindsay is a solid member of the One Spirit Professional Troupe!


Lindsay continues her education through private lessons and ongoing study with Kelly Hassan.  She has also done many workshops with Aegela, Rose Harden, Sarah Schneider Koning, Michelle Sorensen, and Mardi Love, to name a few.  






Lindsay - Pictures


Lindsay Lavich - Studio Assistant





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