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Becky "Becca TheGypsette" Hanchin

Prop Mistress


Becky is a founding member of the Carnivale Mijnoon Music and Dance Company and has guest performed with various music companies including Wine and Alchemy, Harpnotic, and Tartanic. Becca has been studying and performing fusion belly dance since 2004 and fire performance and various flow arts since 2006.


Her range of stylistic training includes: Traditional or Folk/Folkloric Dance Forms · World Fusion Belly Dance · Fire Dancing.


Props Include: Veil (single and double) · Veil Poi (Voi) · Sword (single and double) · Silk fan (single and double)· Snakes · Fire Poi · Fire Staff · Fire Fans· Masks


In addition to the performance arts, Becca is a skilled fine art & craft artisan as well as costume designer extraordinaire! Within these arts she is most known for her skill in the art of mask making, producing many intricate designs with leather, feathers and polymer clay and also the colorful hand painted and silk dyed folding fans popularly used in dance. Both masks and hand painted fans are available for purchase.


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Props Troupe (Sword/Fan/Wings Choreography) Must be Level II Belly/PropsDancer (by Invitation) 



Class Descriptions

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