Melissa "Mylita Marie" Benjamin

Certified GoddessLife Burlesque Fitness Dance Instructor


"My mom says I 'came out dancing' ! It must be true... I entered the world feet first, and can not remember a time when I did not love to dance! For sure, in my adult life, fitness, dance and the healing arts have been the focus of my personal and professional development. In 1994, while working for the U.S. Air Force as a Project Manager and moonlighting as a Step Aerobics Instructor, I stumbled across Belly Dance at a local book store. I will never forget the enchanted feeling as I was called to the back of the store by sounds of exotic music and feminine laughter.


As I pulled back the beaded curtain, I was literally transported into a world of Feminine Dance and Spirituality. While exploring the art of Belly Dance along side my studies of Feminine Spirituality and Healing Arts, I awoke the Goddess Within! In 2000 I retired from my Government job to pursue a professional life of Healing and Performing Arts.


For the past decade (plus) I have woven together my work as a Reiki Master, Polarity Therapist, Shaman, Dancer, Yogini and Priestess, to create movement classes that are holistic, sexy, uplifting and fun! Honoring the Goddess in each woman is an honor and a joy! I am so excited to bring my work as a GoddessLife Certified Burlesque Instructor to One Spirit Dance and Fitness" -

Mylita Marie


Class Descriptions

Goddess Life Burlesque Fitness Dance Class   All Level / 



Combining Burlesque, Jazz, Contemporary Dance Styles with props, sexy stretches and fun choreography.  Led by GoddessLife Burlesque Certified Instructor, Mylita Marie, this class is a fun way to add sparkle to your week.  


No dance experience is necessary. Props for each class will be announced prior. 18 and up.

Women Only

Once a Month Workshop






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